The real effectiveness of airport security procedures

It’s a cloudy Tuesday morning in Belgium, and a man walks calmly through the concourse. He buys some food and rests for a moment in a massage chair. Suddenly, everything blows up and panic takes over. Blood, debris and scared people. This could be a Hollywood script, but it’s what really happened. Airport security is a …read in detail

Miscommunication in Aviation

The topic we will (briefly) approach this week is Miscommunication in Aviation. It comprehends a whole amount of subtopics: misunderstandings, mishearing, pilot X ATC exchanges, and so on… For now, we would like to share with you a brief review of some things that have been written about it. Steven Cushing, in “Fatal Words: Communication …read in detail

Seminário de Fatores Humanos e Gestão de Segurança na Aviação – 2015

A PUCRS sediou nessa sexta-feira última, 14/08, um Seminário de Fatores Humanos e Gestão de Segurança na Aviação, o qual contou com a presença massiva de alunos da Faculdade de Ciências Aeronáuticas da universidade e ilustres palestrantes. Ao longo do dia, foram discutidos assuntos primordiais complexos, como a utilização de CRM, FDM/FOQA e LOSA em …read in detail

Welcome to our blog!

A good command of foreign languages has always been linked to professional and personal success. For many years, people have been trying to maintain that speaking a foreign language, especially English, is important or even essential for the development of a good career. This is not exactly the point anymore: the discussion has changed from …read in detail