General Tips

The test is essentially based on listening and speaking skills.


If you need to get some specific listening practice, you could:

  • Use Airspeak, (ROBERTSON, Fiona. Airspeak, Radiotelephony Communication for Pilots. Essex: Pearson Longman, 2008) a very comprehensive audio material with routine and non-routine situations that could also help you get familiar with different accents.


  • Use “Aviation English” (EMERY, Henry; ROBERTS, Andy. Aviation English for ICAO Compliance. Oxford: Macmillan, 2008) audio material and do the exercises on the book.


  • Use “ Check your Aviation English” (EMERY, H & ROBERTS, A. Check your Aviation English for ICAO compliance. Oxford: Macmillan Publishers. Student’s book, 2010) and do the listening exercises (“listening for the gist” and “listening for detail”).



As for speaking:

  • If you are fluent, you could answer (orally) some of the model questions already available on our blog ( Record your answers in a voice recorder device. When you’re answering, think about WHAT you’re talking. Take a break and go back to your file. Listen to it carefully, paying attention at HOW you formulated your ideas (structural problems and appropriate vocabulary choice)
  • If you are not as fluent as you would like, you could write the answers and, after some time, read them and observe possible problems. 50-100 words should be enough.



We suggest the following pictures for practice. We have been told they are very commonly used by examiners.

1 - TransBrasil B737

2 - JetBlue DeIce

3 - Tail Strike

4 - Piper Landing

5- Runway Excursion

6 - BA Birdstrike

7- Compressor Stall

8 - Oxygen Masks

9 - Hail

10 - Ditching

  • You can either write a paragraph or record a description of about one minute of the picture, describing it as much as you can.

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